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> [21.12.2019] - Christmas Presents & PayPal
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Fellow friends!

Someone likes having snowball fights; others prefer Ultima Online PvP fights. For the latter we are hosting annual 'X-Mas presents' event. (Although some players use to call it "X-Mas loot boxes" event).
When the time comes, every The Abyss player shall be treated with annual Christmas gift by our Sosarian Santa at Market, however, there are players who are dissatisfied with being freeloaders and are craving for more.


Our honorable players, in our Private Office you may find Christmas shop, where you can choose between 3 tiers of gifts. Higher price means higher chance for a pleasant surprise.
The lowest tier lacks the best items, but it does not mean the tier is worthless. You may still find fishing poles of fire and pickaxes of abyss there.


If you have small kids, if they face Christmas without gift nothing bad will happen to them... anyways they still won’t appreciate your efforts. But you_can_treat_yourself_and_gamble to join the most elite society of Ultima Online The Abyss Shard and generate a mass of envy from your friends and foes alike. This year, the presents have been reworked for the better: less useless items + added more items like vendors, angelic hatchet, free ticket to depart from stables. You may still run into pickaxes of abyss, meteor shards, top tier fishing poles and of course, the iconic Ultimate Platemail Set and New Year Soul Ripper. Sure enough, not every other player will enjoy rarest items, but rest assured we had a global testing (opened ~40.000 gift cases) and everything goes as it should be and is in top-notch condition.


Go ahead and may Santa bring you the fortune.

* All Christmas gifts may be opened on 1 January 2020.
** Small fixes to Little-arena.
*** Gifts will be available in the morning. Therefore, you have this night to apply for loans.

With Honor & Respect
Ultima Online The Abyss Staff


We are proccessing PayPal transfers manually!
Please, use sponsor@theabyss.ru e-mail adress as beneficiary.

You must also mention your Ultima Online account/login in detail/comment section of the transfer
so we would know which account to top-up with watermelons.
You are encouraged to leave nickname as well to speed up identification.


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