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> [28.01.2021] - All rafts should be folded back into deeds ASAP!, New crisis
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сообщение Январь 28 2021, 14:37
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All ships & rafts aka "naval vessels" at seas would be struck by tidal waves [of the Immaterium] and utterly obliterated. Even parked rafts near coasts will not be spared. Lord Brittish's Admiralty estimates that the Storm might start on January, 28th, about 23:59 (+0300 GMT)
Henceforth, Royal Navy asks fishermen and yachtmen not to panic ahead of time, cease all fishing, training & piracy operations, and fold all rafts back into deeds.
The rafts should stay folded until our special announcement / notice. The Admiralty will issue a permission to continue marine operations. Until then - make sure thay your rafts exist only in the form of deeds.

~ Tyrant Wings turned into the Arc of Justice ~
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